Little Panda’s Restaurant



Open a restaurant, get cooking, and serve dishes on time




Little Panda’s Restaurant is a fun cooking game that combines gameplay from two great culinary games, Cooking Mama and Overcooked, to create one entertaining -and crazy addictive- game. Fans of cooking games will be hooked!

Little Panda’s Restaurant has a very simple premise: simply cook all the dishes the customers order, and serve them before their patience runs out! Each time you serve a dish on time, you’ll earn coins that you can invest in upgrades for your restaurant or new recipes so you can serve more customers!

The main difference between Little Panda’s Restaurant and Overcooked is that the game pauses each time you begin to cook a new dish. That’s where the Cooking Mama gameplay comes in, as cooking in this game is very similar to cooking in the Taiti Corp title.

By eliminating the stressful countdown timer, Little Panda’s Restaurant becomes a much easier game that’s more accessible to a wider market of gamers.